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Parenting Ideas

Struggling with a young person who you just can't seem to understand? Want to try and do the best job you can as a parent?

Try this link Parenting Ideas Magazine for some helpful tips, tricks and videos from the experts!! You will be able to view an online copy of the parenting tips magazine which is a fabulous resource for any parent!!


Parenting Magazine


In addition here are some articles that may help with specific and prevalent issues affecting teenagers today!

Is your teenager sleep deprived? 

Many teenagers are sleep-deprived because they just don't get enough sleep – they need between nine and 10 hours a night, yet most get between seven to eight hours a night.

Sleep Deprivation (pdf 648 KB)

Managing kids who won't take no for an answer!

Children of all ages can wear down parental resistance by desperately seeking YES. This article offers solutions for parents on the receiving end of pester power. 

Managing difficult kids (pdf 640 KB)

Raising calm kids 

New sign

With childhood & adolescent anxiety on the rise this article about teaching calmness to kids is a must read for parents. (for primary & secondary school parents)

Raising calm kids (pdf 331 KB)

What drugs kids are actually using

An up-to-date examination of the drugs kids are using in 2014, for parents of secondary & upper primaryNew sign schools

What drugs are kids using (pdf 1252 KB)

Ten common discipline mistakes

Today's children require parents to use increasingly sophisticated communication methods to get cooperation and keep them safe. (for primary & secondary school parents)New sign

10 common discipline mistak (pdf 337 KB)

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