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Young Leaders Forum


On Friday 18 November the SRC and the school leaders attended the National Young Leaders day which was held in Darling Harbour, Convention Centre. This nationally acclaimed forum was established in order to encourage the young leaders to make the most of their opportunities in life.


There were four speakers Mike Martin, Avril Henry, Jessica Watson and the gorgeous Delta Goodrem. Even though Delta was the main attraction, the person that stood out the most was Avril Henry. Avril discussed her experiences as a white female in a predominately black male society in South Africa. Racism and sexism increased during her teenage years and she was stereotyped and judged because of her beliefs and goals, to be different from what society expected of women of her time. After graduating from the University of Cape Town in Accounting and Economics, with two suitcases, $500 and a dream, she migrated to Australia to start a new life.


With her heart-warming speech one of her influential quotes was "Don't Ever Be Limited By What Other People Think You Can Do".  She carried this quote throughout her life and now she is an award winning corporate leader, author, and a widely popular Keynote speaker.


We would like to thank Mrs Walshe and Ms Panayiotou for giving us the opportunity to attend such a prestigious conference.


Greg Patakos


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