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Learning and Support

At J J Cahill MHS the Learning and Support faculty is committed to providing all students with the opportunity to experience success, develop skills, build confidence and achieve their full potential in all learning areas.

Programmed Learning 

Support may be offered to teachers in designing and implementing programs to meet the learning needs of the whole class as well as particular groups or individual students. This may include professional development to develop appropriate classroom programs for students with additional needs

Our Aim is to:

  • enhance the confidence and self-esteem of all students, particularly those with additional learning needs
  • maintain and increase participation of children with specific learning needs in all school programs.
  • develop a team approach with parents, teachers and support personnel.
  • identify each child’s specific learning needs and design appropriate educational programs. 

  • facilitate the attainment of literacy and numeracy goals by: providing teaching resources and strategies which promote the experience of learning success, and providing individual programs where needed
  • make referrals for students to appropriate external professional agencies, with the consent of parents that will enhance the student’s learning or the school’s understanding of their learning challenges.
  • provide access to disability provisions for all exams, including the HSC 

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