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Student Welfare News

Attendance and punctuality

One of the many focuses for the Welfare Team is attendance and punctuality to class. Attendance and punctuality to class are crucial if students are to succeed at school and achieve all course outcomes in all of their subjects. In order to support students in improving their attendance and hence their learning, the Welfare Team decided to act on lateness to school and put in place certain strategies to help students reflect on the reasons why they are late.

Continued absence

For continued absences, students are placed on a monitoring card for 20 days by their Year Advisor – this is done in consultation and discussion with each student. The student is placed on Stage One of an Attendance Plan. If this support plan is unsuccessful then the Year Advisor may refer the student to the Head Teacher, who in turn will contact the parents and organise a meeting to discuss the issue. Further action may be taken if there is no improvement and students may be referred to the Deputy Principal if they continue to be absent and late to school and to class.

Improvement rewards

We feel that it is important to also reward students who show an improvement in their attendance. A special celebrations will take place at the end of each term for selected students whose attendance has remained at a good level.  This celebration will be by invitation only.

Why is this happening?

The Welfare Team cares about the welfare and learning of every student. In the real world students must be punctual and responsible for themselves. This school system and these strategies are implemented so that every student is able to succeed and become better prepared for life after school.

It is important to acknowledge and thank the many efforts of each Year Advisor and each Head Teacher in their efforts to assist students to improve their attendance levels.

We would like to see this improvement continue throughout 2013 so that our students remain engaged and focused in their learning.