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Welcome to our School

J J Cahill Memorial High School is located in Mascot, a fast-growing residential area. The school has a solid focus on community and works closely with families to support the learning and wellbeing needs of all students. JJCMHS focuses on delivering quality teaching and learning underpinned by evidence-based practices and improved student learning outcomes, particularly literacy and numeracy. The school provides an environment that promotes engagement in learning challenging students to strive for success.

JJCMHS strategically funds extra classes reducing class size. Through targeted programs and teacher professional learning the school ensures that teaching effectively leverages small class sizes so that impact upon student learning is maximised by differentiating learning to provide support and extension. JJCMHS is committed to offering a broad senior curriculum. It does this by funding extra classes in the senior years.

J J Cahill Memorial High School has a dynamic and engaged parent body. If you wish to become involved in our P&C please contact the P&C secretary Rosie Reynolds on jjcahillpandc@gmail.com

  • Daniel Girling-Butcher - President
  • Rosie Reynolds - Secretary
  • Ashley Fowles-Salmon - Treasurer

High Potential and Gifted Education Program 2024

In 2024, JJ Cahill Memorial High School will provide an holistic and inclusive  enrichment program that will focus on challenging young minds and turning  interests and passions into skills and knowledge. The enrichment class will be an  opportunity for Year 7 students to access highly skilled teachers, be supported  through individualised gifted education plans and experience bespoke teaching  and learning programs in Mathematics, Humanities, Science and Technology,  and English. Placement in the enrichment program for 2024 will be based on  multiple entry requirements that consider academic abilities, school attendance  and social-emotional intelligence. 

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