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Positive Behaviour for Learning - PB4L

 At J J Cahill MHS we as a community value Honour, Excellence, Responsibility and Opportunity.

Honour is the way we show respect and care for others to share positive educational experiences.

Excellence is the journey to find your personal best and setting high expectations for achievement. We show excellence when we are persistent and offer our best effort at all times.

Responsibility represents our ability to act in a way that is safe, consistent and accountable. We are being responsible when our behaviour ensures we are dependable and empathetic in our interactions with others.

Opportunity is actively seeking and creating experiences to achieve our goals. When we accept opportunities to develop our learning and contribute to shared learning experiences, we grow and succeed.

Our PB4L Matrix (PDF 135 KB) is an evidence-based whole school approach that addresses the diverse academic and social needs of every student to support them to be successful. The program provides a framework for the school and its community to collectively support the wellbeing of every student.

Guiding principles include:

  • students respond positively as they have been taught what is expected of them
  • students feel safe and cared for at school. Their parents, family and community are more involved in their school
  • systems of support (effective instructional environments) are necessary for both students and adults

How PB4L works

  • Expectations for student behaviour are defined by a school based team with all staff input
  • Effective behavioural support is implemented consistently by staff and school executive
  • Appropriate student behaviour is taught
  • Positive behaviours are publicly acknowledged