J J Cahill Memorial High School

Honour - Excellence - Responsibility - Opportunity

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Our School History

JJ Cahill Memorial High School was founded in 1961 to provide a comprehensive secondary education to the students of the local community.

Our school was named after John Joseph Cahill, a former Premier of NSW, who was our local State Member of Parliament. He believed that the students of our community deserved a high school nearby. Our school is called JJ Cahill Memorial High because John Joseph Cahill died before he was able to see his dream fulfilled...a secondary school in the local community so that students did not have to travel long distances to get an education. The Cahill Expressway also bears his name.

Our school motto is "Virtutis Gratia Virtus". This is in latin and you may not understand what it says. However, when we translate it into english we all understand what it means; it says "Do what is right, because it is right".

The students strive to live our school motto by doing what is right through their responsibilities that they have towards their teachers and course work. We take pride in their achievements and are proud not just of those who have achieved academic success at school and in their careers, but all of those who have achieved personal success  that has made them valued members of our school community.