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Our School History

J J Cahill Memorial High School was founded in 1961 to provide a comprehensive secondary education to the students of the local community.

Our school was named after John Joseph Cahill, a former Premier of NSW, who was our local State Member of Parliament. He believed that the students of our community deserved a high school nearby. Our school is called J J Cahill Memorial High as a tribute to John Joseph Cahill who died in 1959, before he was able to see his dream fulfilled...a secondary school in the local community so that students did not have to travel long distances to get an education. The Cahill Expressway also bears his name.

Official Opening

John Joseph Cahill

Owing to delays in construction at the time, the first few intakes of the new high school were housed at Gardeners Road Public School. When the school was finally ready for use, the students carried their books and furniture to the new school site down the road, an event which was commemorated at the school's 50th anniversary in 2011. 

In memory of Cahill's efforts to bring public education to the local area, the school decided that it was to be named in his honour and was officially opened by his widow, Esmey Cahill, on 24 March 1961. The first Principal was L. G. Schmidt.

Virtutis Gratia Virtus

Our school motto is Virtutis Gratia Virtus which is Latin. When we translate these Latin words into English, it means "Do what is right, because it is right".

This value or quality is synonymous with John Joseph Cahill himself, a man remembered for his personal integrity, his determination to do what he believed to be right for the State of NSW as Premier, and his qualities of leadership which had won him a measure of respect from even his staunchest opponents.

The students strive to live our school motto by doing what is right through their responsibilities that they have towards others and their course work and learning. We take pride in their achievements and are proud not just of those who have achieved academic success at school and in their careers, but all of those who have achieved personal success that has made them valued members of our school community. 


1961-1975: Mr Len Schmidt

1975-1979: Mr Keith Cohen

1980-1985: Mr John Nolan

1986-1989: Mr Tom Symonds

1990-1998: Mr Evan MacKenzie

1999-2005: Mr Lim Linton

2006-2016: Mrs Robyn Cowin

2017-Current: Mr Ralph David