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JJ Golden Moments


At the school's 50th Anniversary back in 2011, past students of JJ reminisced about their school days. If you attended J J Cahill MHS at any time in your school life please consider sharing your special memories with our School community.  This invitation is extended to past staff and to anyone who worked at J J Cahill MHS. Contact the school with your story. All contributions are welcome. Here are some wonderful Golden Moments from JJ's early years.

"Those who were present at the opening of JJ Cahill Memorial High in 1961 may remember a Solo Trumpet Player starting proceedings with the sounding out of the National Anthem at the time ‘God Save the Queen'. Yep! That was me, now 63 years of age and still remembering that special day"                                   

Barry J Gobbe 1961

"The new school uniform was stunning and very different to anything we had worn before. The summer uniform was a cotton dress with shirt top and a pleated skirt. We had a choice of blue and white stripe or pink and white stripe...The winter uniform also was very flattering.  A lovely blue tartan pinafore worn with a white Peter Pan shirt underneath, a blazer and a matching beret.  Black lace up shoes and white socks and gloves.  The principal Mr Schmidt had some very stringent rules as to uniforms and he had requested all uniforms were hemmed at a certain length from the ground so that when we all stood in a line there was a perfect alignment of dress lengths."                                            

Di Pooley nee Walburn 1961

" I began at JJ in 1962.  I was a student at Gardeners Road Public School and I was selected to go to Sydney Girls High but because we lived so close to JJ, my sister was there and JJ was co-ed ...who could resist!  The teachers at my primary school tried to sway me toward Sydney High but I was determined ... best decision I ever made. I loved my time at JJ.  I met some lifelong friends there, was House Captain and Prefect.  I was in the year that sat the first HSC ...  The Friday night socials were also a special memory with bands like Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs playing at them."                                     

Wendy McDonald 1962



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