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State and Local Connections


 State Library of NSW





Check out the amazing range of online resources the State Library has to offer. Why not get a head start and explore the e-book library with a focus on Australian writers.

Click on this link to access their website: State Library of NSW

See Ms Mylan in the Library and she can organise your membership to the State Library. It is quick and easy and you will then have full access to all their online resources. 

There are always plenty of things to do at the State Library;


Take a look at the Mitchell Library, be stunned by its amazing architecture and immerse yourself in the latest magazine and book titles. I'll guarantee they'll have every book you're after.


As a member you will be happy to know that you can hook in to their wireless network for free internet access and then investigate some of the amazing online resources and databases


Watch some of the amazing movies the library has showing:




Botany Bay City Council Library, Mascot and Eastgardens

A program of stories, film/video screenings and handcrafts is held during each school holiday break for primary school children. For popular events, bookings are essential.


Don't forget they also have a great range of books and magazines to while away those sunny afternoons!!


For further details contact Mascot Library on 8338 0313

Visit their website: Botany Bay Council Library